Why Knewsfeed?

If you could see the way my 5 year old son looks at the local news station horror every time we are switching between inputs on the TV…you would understand the “why” behind Knewsfeed.


The saying goes “if it bleeds, it leads” and if you think that there is an opportunity to create a better way to process information than the fear-based mainstream media and the echo chamber that is social media, well let me tell you – you are in the right place.


See when you have children you are forced to look at the world in an entirely different manner.

When you can’t read yet, all you can do is see color and emotion, and he is just plain scared or worried every time he sees it.


And then the reporters sends it back to the studio, but not before a word from our local sponsor, and then it hits you…this information is here FOR YOU! It’s not here to educate you and make your life better, it’s here to keep your eyeballs and attention long enough to put an ad in front of your face! 


Here at Knewsfeed we are going to do things a little bit differently. Our readers are going to be our customers, not corporate sponsors. You are going to get to help choose the content that we cover. We aren’t going to split test headlines to see what generates more clicks and traffic. We are going to aim to improve your quality of thought, and therefore your quality of life!


So the question is…are you going to leave the world a better place than you found it? 


Or are you going to become set in your ways, waste your mind, and go by the way of the dinosaurs?


Knewsfeed is for my sons in a hope that they will grow up to own their emotions, rather than be controlled by them. May they choose to think for themselves and not be a sheep. May May them be able to communicate and feel the 


Thanks for being here!


I hope Knewsfeed can be a small part of your enlightenment and help you make sense of this world, that is never truly as crazy as it may seem!

Because after all…it’s better than it looks!


Thanks for being here!




Founder, Knewsfeed

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