Why Knewsfeed?

Why Knewsfeed?

One day I was switching between inputs on our family TV and my then four year old son rushed over to me with a very concerned look on his face. 



“Daddy I’m scared” he said. 



“What’s wrong” I asked him.



He mumbled out a few words and pointed to the TV. 



A local news channel was reporting about a car crash. There was yellow caution tape, flashing police lights, talk of death and people sent to the hospital. The reporter sent it back to the studio, who quickly segued into a commercial break.



I quickly changed the channel and went to console my son. He was terrified. I was furious. I knew there was nothing to be afraid of, but how do you explain that to a child? Better yet, WHY was that news on in the first place?



The answer lies in what followed the story – an advertisement.



That story is not put in front of your face to improve your life, it is put there so to capture your attention, so it can be sold off and monetized by someone trying to sell you something.



This flawed system had led to record high levels of click-bait and mistrust in the media.


News should teach, inspire, and improve our lives.



I have a crazy believe that we can create “news” organization that transparent, engaging, and informative, and disrupt the biased, fear-based news outlets that currently dominate and compete for our attention span.



That idea is called Knewsfeed.



I hope we can build something special, together, for our future – the children.






Founder, Knewsfeed


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