What is Knewsfeed?

Here is a short explainer video from our founder!

Knewsfeed is an Interactive Streaming Video on Demand (iSVOD) content explanation platform. 


Not sure what that means – don’t worry – we just created it and it’s pretty simple, so let’s break it down!


1. Interactive – you will physically interact with the videos (i.e. answer questions!)


2. Streaming Video on Demand – think Netflix.


3. Content Explanation Platform – we are going to help explain the “news”Damn! I’ve got to think of a short description!


OK How about this one…


Perhaps it’s easy to understand what we are made of by addressing the four pillars of our foundation:

  1.  Microlearning – short format, informational video segments.
  2. Edutainment – entertaining, yet educational topics.
  3. Transparency – no clickbait, no ads, no nonsense, just information.
  4. Relevancy – we coined the term STEMPATHY because we think statistics, psychology, empathy and applying those things to current events IS the key to a better future! 
OK one last thing – I can show you a hell of a lot better than I can tell you. So here is a video of me describing what Knewsfeed is…while watching a Knewsfeed video…whoa talk about meta!






Founder, Knewsfeed


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