How is Knewsfeed made?

How is Knewsfeed?

How is Knewsfeed created, you ask? Two words, down and dirty!


We are aiming to be the leanest and (not?!) meanest content delivery platform in the world.


We are not developers, designers, marketers, salespeople, etc…


We are content creators and most important, stewards of thought provocation.


We are inquisitive and informative.


And we actually started out as more of an experiment!


How could we build something for next to nothing so we can charge next to nothing – meanwhile reverse an entire industry pattern!


Nothing in life is free! We believe in barriers to entry, just not high ones!


So in order to support our transparency first business model we will aim to keep costs of creation and membership prices as low as possible so that anyone that wants to learn or contribute – can!  


We aim to accomplish this by using existing, open source when available, technology AND published information and combine package it in an effort to minimize the bullshit, and maximize the cool shit!

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