About Us

About Us

At the time of writing this, this is really no more than a thought and passion inside one person’s mind.


You can learn more about the “why” here but the “who” is very simple.


It’s just me – and my name is name is Maxwell Anderson. I have two amazing kids (Kenzie 5, Leo 2) and a beautiful wife (Nancy, <age redacted>) who I have been trapped inside with over the past two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


During this time, I’ve had a lot of time to think. I rediscovered the fact that I am huge nerd trapped inside the body of a jock. Regardless of where our physical body lies, our minds are never confined to any single place or location.


We live in a time where distrust and misinformation is high. In my opinion, the internet is still an extremely novel tool, and like most tools, they can be wielded both for good or for bad. 


We have lost the ability to disagree, and I believe asking questions, finding answers, and engaging in discourse is the only real way to advanced our society. Technology will continue to advance far faster than we can as a social society, that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid of them, and fail to utilize them as the boon for productivity that they are!


During this time of solitude, I realized that I love to think. I also realized that the current way that news and information spreads is largely not the the benefit of the user, but in spite of them. I would love the create something that adds value to other people’s lives.


And I want to spend the rest of my life doing more things that I love to do, and fewer things that I don’t.


I hope reading this encourages you to follow your passions in life! If not for your own sake, but for those who are around you.


Inspiration is contagious. Pass it on!




Founder, Knewsfeed 

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