Stop being told

what to think how to feel how to vote

Do you think...

the mainstream media wants to educate and empower their readers; OR

use fear-based marketing to sell advertisements for their corporate sponsors?

What about...

social media companies? Educate and empower their users; OR

create echo chambers so users will stay engaged for longer, increasing their inventory to – you guessed it! – sell advertisements for their corporate sponsors?

Don't believe me?

Try this little experiment! Visit your favorite mainstream news outlet, click on an article, and see how far down can you scroll without seeing an advertisement or sponsored content. Maybe you didn’t even have to wait an ad popped upon arrival to the landing page!

The problem is...

In the current media environment, the consumers are NOT the customers! This leads to a moral hazard of sorts where there is virtually ZERO incentive alignment.

Is there a better way?

There has to be! No matter what “side of the aisle” you are on, you probably don’t trust the news! Or even worse, you might believe every word the say! What if we could take the current environment:

And turn it into something that adds value to your life.

Knewsfeed aims to be that solution!

So WTF is Knewsfeed?

Watch this short explainer video!

Knewsfeed was built on four main components that each build off one another!

Every video has one or more interactive (you will have to read and interact with your screen!), on-screen learning components to test your base knowledge, comprehension, or retention of the material! For example, True or False, Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop, etc… the fun never stops!

The problems we face today are highly nuanced, and deserve to be broken down into microscopic pieces so w can better understand them!

Our videos are single topic, short ( less than 2 minute) aimed at distilling information down to the most important topics so you know enough to be dangerous!

We think learning is fun, but realize not everyone might feel the same way. We aim to make our videos as entertaining enough to keep your attention, yet educational enough because, well, knowledge is where the real power lies!

You’ve probably heard of STEM before, but have you hear of STEMPATHY? Probably not because we just made it up!¬†Science, Technology, Economics, Mathematics, Psychology & Empathy!

Simply put, we think the world we be a much better place if people learned how to count and show some empathy!

What are you waiting for?

It’s hard to put a price tag on learning something knew (see what I did there!)

however, allow us to try! Our monthly membership is only $7/mo!

Quarter per day!

No contracts!

No commitments!

Cancel anytime!

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