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Say goodbye to click bait

Say hello to brain bait!?!

Why is Knewsfeed?

No matter what side of the aisle or country you are on, you probably don’t trust the news outlets! Or even worse, you might believe they are unbiased and soak up every word they say as gospel. The problem is the moral hazard where the news outlets exist not to serve you purpose, but serve you advertisements from their sponsors!¬†

  • Fear-based
  • Click bait
  • Extreme bias

Don’t believe me? Visit your favorite news source, click your favorite article, and see how far you scroll down before you see “sponsored content.” You probably didn’t even have to click or scroll! There was probably a ad banner on the home page or sponsored content on the home screen!

We BELIEVE there is a better way!

  • Full transparency
  • Fact-based
  • Value focused

What is Knewsfeed?

Knewsfeed was built on four main components that each interactive and build off each other!

There is nothing passive about our videos. Every video has interactive, on-screen components to test your base knowledge, comprehension, or retention of the material!

Short and sweet, single topic videos, distilling information down so you know enough to be dangerous!

Entertaining so you pay attention, educational because, well, knowledge is power!

Competing everday day against who you were – yesterday!

Tired of the buzzwords? Us too!

Here is a video of our founder, telling you about our service, while experiencing our service (aaand that probably confused you more!?) Just press play and I promise this will all make sense.

How is Knewsfeed...

created? Great question! In an effort to keep costs, and thereby membership prices as low as possible, we license existing, open source technology software so we can focus on delivering high quality video content, not seeing which headline or thumbnail gets the most clicks so we can sell more ad space.

Ready to start?

You can’t put a price tag on the learning…but allow us to try. We never want cost to be a barrier of entry to knowledge, but nothing in life is free! We have a whole host of membership options to fit every budget, with our most expensive membership being $5 per week, and our least expensive is $5 per month!

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